Photography internship in Iceland

Position as photographers assistant is available in 2019.

Samples of the work we do

Photography by Jon Pall

Position as photographers assistant is available.


Are you highly motivated to become a professional photographer and take your photography skills to the next level?

We offer photography internship through Erasmus program and other educational institutions.

Who are you?

We are looking for highly motivated students in photography, either graduates or at least half way through their studies. You should be familiar with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, basic camera controls and willing to work hard in our studio or on location. A good understanding in english, spoken and written, is required. This is not a job for beginners.


Iceland has amazing nature and is photographers paradise. Work in our studio and improve your photography skills. Shoot in a professional photo studio. Build a stunning portfolio with new work in studio and on location in Iceland. Create such an amazing photograps that your future prospective clients take notice of you.

You’ll learn:

  • Dozens of camera techniques.

  • Using lenses, filters, shooting techniques etc.

  • Understanding light, composition, color, contrast etc.

  • Using strobes and window-light in studio.

  • Using strobes and reflectors on location.

  • Post production in Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • Creating wedding albums and photo books.

  • Printing, matting, framing and presentation.

  • Photograph people and products.

  • Become an Apple computer expert.

  • Learn the business side of photography.

  • Presenting and marketing your skills.

  • Online marketing through social media.

  • Dealing with clients and much more.

  • Daily routine tasks.

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Jón Páll Vilhelmsson

Jón Páll Vilhelmsson is the owner of Superstudio and a seasoned professional photographer. He's a born and raised viking and has work experience on both sides of the Atlantic. 

He studied photography in the reputable Brooks Institute of Photography collage in Santa Barbara, California. He's done fashion for Giorgio Armani in Milan, advertising campaigns for an international airliner and literally thousands of jobs for individuals and businesses.

Jon Pall’s websites:


Superstudio is a busy commercial photo studio in Reykjavík downtown area. The assignments we do are very diverse. Ranging from advertising campaigns, fashion, catalog work, corporate portraiture and still life for companies to family portraiture, baby pictures, weddings and passport pictures for individuals. We also have an in-house gallery where we print, mount, present and sell fine art landscape photographs.

Zsuzsa Darab

Zsuzsa is from Hungary. She came through Erasmus internship program through her university in the fall of 2016. She had an fine art degree in Hungary and also studied in Finland and Denmark before she came to Iceland.

Her initial Erasmus program was only 3 months but she's ended up working full time for two years. She has a passion for travel and made dozens of trips to explore and photograph the countryside during her time in Iceland.

She’s developed a thorough understanding of all aspects of photography: Now she’s moved back home to Hungary to become a professional photographer of her own. She specialises in art projects, weddings and environmental portraiture.

Here is more of Zsuzsa's work -

“During this one and a half year, which I spent as an intern and later as an assistant with Jón Páll, I learned a lot. It was a great opportunity to continue my education and improve my photography skills. Jón helped me to use and understand better the technical part of photography and get comfortable with working in a studio. I belive, all this knowlage what I got here, is making me a better photographer, and it is a meaningful experiance in my life. I am very grateful to have this chance of learning from him - ZB.”


Óli Haukur

Óli is an Icelandic photographer. He finished his photography studies with my master program in 2015. He found passion in landscape and nature photography.

I was running a photo tour operation on the side at the time. He did his first photo tours with me for a year and now he has a photo tour company of his own. Taking clients to photograph the amazing Icelandic nature and also providing workshops in different corners of the world.

Photo tours:

Personal work:


The missing assistant!

Can’t remember his name but he was only with me for a short time!

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